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Save  51 %Organica ORG211A - Hand Knotted Jute rugs from Safavieh


*image shown is 5 x 8 or larger rug
*smaller sizes will not show complete pattern, will be scaled down to fit.
Organica 211A Contemporary Hand-knotted Jute Rug91.99
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Name:  #U25815
Manufacturer: Safavieh Rugs
Material: Jute
Construction: Hand Knotted
Thickness: approx. 0.5 in
Colors: Tans/Browns/Rusts , Blacks/Greys
Made in: India
Ships in 1-2 weeks
Description: Fashion meets sustainability in this collection of eco-friendly original designs hand-knotted of 100 percent high-quality jute pile on a cotton warp and weft. The biodegradable jute fiber specially selected for our rugs is harvested from Cannabis Sativa (commonly known as the "true hemp" plant) and is twice washed to soften each yarn before weaving.Trained artisans then brush the jute yarn to an even more lustrous sheen before it is hand-knotted into organic floor coverings of unrivaled softness and beauty.  (#U25815)

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2' 0" x 3' 0" Rectangle $91.99 $45.54  (51% off)
Out Of Stock
2' 6" x 12' 0" Runner $511.07 $252.98  (51% off)
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